Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a BLAST!

I had a very good (although belated) 30th birthday celebration last night. Totally unexpected, and I must compliment all my friends for planning the party so well (except for Diva V's spoiler Kenari hehehe).

Thank you all for the great "SURPRISE" party (I would've died of heart attack if I've a weak heart but that was a good one!), for the effort i.e. great food, and thank you for making my already stressful day a great one. And especially to Ad for bringing everything together - I love those balloons ;)

Merci Beaucoup.

ps: We had a blast playing Nintendo Wii, too! Many thanks to johnnybravo. And yes, I was virtually boxing him (see pic above). Dang shiok!

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Dave Richards said...

Happy Birthday !!! And certainly seems like you had a great time...well birthdays are always special days for all of enjoyed in the company of near and dear ones!!!