Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stress, stress, stress

It gives me joy to see things that you have designed being put together pieces by pieces. It's sorta like giving birth minus the pain. No, I am not about to change sex and get pregnant. I am talking about the project that Ad and I are doing.

In just about one week or so, we will be able to see the finishing of everything and being a self-inflicted pressure cooker slash anal retentive bossy bitch, I will lose more sleep (and hair) and grow more tits, I mean, zits, in the next couple of days because they are a few more items that I have not seen it.

Besides, imagine if you have a client doing this to you:

Client: "Wei! The chair ah! Why so BIG wan! AIJOO soooo BIG KENOT SIT WAN!!! I SIT DOWN ALSO I look so TINY. Aijoo aijoo."

I was like, FUCK. I screwed up. After checking the actual product and talking to people who actually put the chair together, I was relieved that I wasn't wrong and the chair is actually nicer than she had described it. She, turned out, to be also an anal-retentive person who is a self-inflicted pressure cooker slash bossy bitch. No wonder we get along well.

The other thing that really pissed me off is the Contractor that the client had hired. I hate it when they compromise quality with price. The work is shody and they are so irresponsible. Fucking hate that m*&^%$#@ (bear with me). Some more he wants to ask me out for a drink.

What the...


savante said...

Ask you out for a drink? Hmmm...

_ethnwg said...

YEah. Scary shit