Monday, May 28, 2007

Top 10 Weird Behaviour seen in a Male's Bathroom

Walking in to a male's bathroom is always a, erm, interesting experience. I have, diligently, observed and made mental notes of the things I had witnessed in the past. Here is my "Top Ten Weird Behavior seen in a Male's Bathroom" (Not in order of disgust/eccentricity).

  1. Combing hair using a brush. Not any type of brush but a brush that is made of plastic, round in shape (D6cm - 10cm) that comes with a holder which could fit 3-4 of your fingers just so you could comb ur hair. It sometimes comes in Pink (note: Metrosexual) and much prefered by Indian males.

  2. Splashes of water in a private cubicle as if the person is bathing. But really he was just, erm, shitting. I could not comprehend this. Care to explain, water-splasher?

  3. Washing their manhood using water gushing out from a urinal right after they had pee. This is not uncommon and no, I am not a pervert standing next to them to observe all that. I mean, you'd know someone is washing his penis when he was just one urinal away from you, right?

  4. Standing in front of the mirror posing or applying water from the faucet to his hair that resulted to water dripping on to his face, side, top and wherever he was applying on. A good 15 minutes. I think.

  5. Using a hair dryer to blow dry their private parts (of cos, covered with a towel or sometimes shorts). I mean, how hairy can Asian men be? Aren't they afraid of germs from the hair dryer? Maybe, it pleasures them. LOL. Commonly seen in a gym's changing room.
  6. Talking out really loud on the mobile phone in a cubicle while shitting. It can be anything, the topic, but what is more important? Shitting should be a relaxed activity, no?

  7. Strutting around in super thin, tattered or worn out bath towel (in male's changing room). How much is a bath towel these days??? Sexy, I believe, is loosely defined here.

  8. Whispering out loud while peeing. Freaky.

  9. Rolling up tissues from the tissue dispensing machine almost emptying it. Asshole got so big?

  10. Farting...... It is not weird nor uncommon. Just that some people fart and pee at the same time. I've witnessed once that this dude actually fart and burp and pee all at one go! I don't think even Shrek could top that, man.

Have you experienced anything more, erm, bewildering than the above? I'd like to hear it from you :)

PS: I love Maroon 5's new album :)


Bibik Nyonya said...

i've seen no.1 before. YOu know that round brush is actually for combing pets like dogs and cats. I'm serious. You can find those combs in pet shops. I dunno why indians like to comb their hair with it. lolz!

ethn said...


I know! Sometimes it baffles me esp. if that person is particularly good looking. I've a staff who used to use it all the time tat we had to bar him from combing hair (his hair is like, greasy & flat)