Saturday, May 12, 2007

What the...

The "What the..." moments.

Cheating is tricky. Even more tricky if it involves erm, Women.

So. Better think before you cheat. You have a cheating story you want to share? You can email me :)

This is NOT cheating per se. This is fooling around when you really are clueless sitting for a paper back in school/college. Wished I did all these when I was sitting for my Java papers hehehe...

And, lastly, I received a phone call from one of those telemarketing people yesterday afternoon.

"Good afternoon sir. May I speak to Angelina, please?" she spoke with a heavy Indian accent. She obviously got our office number from the classified ads we've put up many months ago.

"She is not in. May I help you?" I said, obviously lying about Angelina's existence. She never exists if you must know.

"You are Angelina?" she asked very quickly.

I thought, Why not? And said, "Yes."

"Ok. ENCIK ANGELINA. Kami dari sebuah institusi sedang promote free Medical check-up lah for Encik punyer kompani. Encik ada buat Medical check-up?"

I was really not laughing. I was more irritated by her ignorance and unprofessionalism in handling potential customer over the phone.

I said, "No. I do not have the time. Thank you".

"Eh! Eh! Tapi kenapa? U mesti buat medical check-up mah!"

I replied rather sternly, "It's ok. Goodbye."

And the line went dead. Before I hung up.


savante said...

Ooh. Nasty women get their revenge. Honestly, wouldn't you have done the same?

m5lvin said...

Encik Angelina....Miss Brad....oooh my...cute cute..hahaha

ethn said...

savante: YES, I most definitely would *evil grin*

m5lvin: Ms BRad? That's hot LOL