Monday, January 8, 2007

Another Gay Sunshine Day

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Argh I've been so busy that I do not have the time to compile my Best of 2006, let alone blog it. Maybe I can do a quick one now but I am quite anal when it comes to matter as such.

Besides, I do not like to do things in a hurry (most of the time, I do not, really). Anyways, I wanna talk about this gay movie I've bought with a lot of other titles such as, 'Babel', 'Scoop', 'The Black Dahlia'...

"Another Gay Movie" is the title. I kid you not. Gay teenager seeking for a fck, mastubation, porn and yeah, love. Oh, and the story is loosely based on 'American Pie 1" so you can imagine the silly banters and distasteful a certain extent, it is a soft-porn flick. Quite entertaining if you're lookin' for a light movie to watch after a hard day at work. A word of warning tho'. If you're straight or a gay-basher gal, you might just loathe this movie. Seriously.

Last night, I picked up a postcard or brochure or watchamitecallit card that illustrates two sailors icons and at it's back it says Sanctuary Cruise. Sailors, sanctuary, liquid, bar, sun, fun...didn't take a genius to figure that out that they're creating an awareness of a certain gay cruise docking in our shore soon, no? I was a little perplexed that they would actually allow gay cruise this part of the world, let alone our 'sacred' land. Not convince, I got online this morning and checked out the website and spank me Mr Cruise! It is gay cruise and right in the heart of Asia! Of cos, some smart biz dude from down south started it and he/she/shim is creating a wave (sic) all around Asia! Now, the masculine Marys will be delighted *wink*

And the other gay thing...the other thing that made me gay...whoa, sensitive. Happy things-lah that I would like to talk about is the recent announcement of our budget airline, Air Asia and it's brand spanking new routes. For the uninitiated, AA is flying to Manchester, Hang Zhou and Tianjin. AND, future routes include Melbourne, Tokyo and India? That's so cool. I love Mr. Tony Fernandes

Ah, maybe I should look up Nancy Sinatra's 'Another Gay Sunshine Day' and dream of my sanctuary cruise with hot D&G-esque model waiters serving me Tinto De Verano


ps: I am looking for old/used console table, or cupboard, or rack or used furniture. Anyone selling? Or, throwing? Give me a buzz, ok. If it is from Ikea, don't call me. Thanks

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savante said...

GASP What's wrong with IKEA?