Monday, January 22, 2007

Somewhere over the rainbow...

It was a fruitful and enjoyable (scorching hot, too) Sunday at the weekend bazaar. Made some friends and foe - one vendor took advantage of a vacant spot next to him by displaying his goods on the stall. I got cheesed off I said to myself I can't let this went unreported. I lodged a complain to the management. Trust a Chinese to be kiasu.

Anyways, we got home just to find out that Sammy passed away. It was floating motionlessly. It was damn sad but it didn't come as a surprise to us cos we've detected something was wrong with the fish in our little aquarium; Neither Ad or me could figure out what is it. I scooped out Sammy from the tank, and promptly fed it to Coco and Bo - the cats that we are cat-sitting.

OK. I am just. Kidding. I buried it instead. Then...

Ad: Hey, cmon! Look at this! Come quickly!

He was opening the sliding door, completely ecstatic about something outside. I was like, 'What's up. The rain so nice to see meh?'

Ad: No, no. Hurry up! You wont believe this!

I kissed Sammy goodbye (before frying it) and walked over to Ad. At that moment, I could not believe what I saw cos it was just...surreal. I was completely blown away and I very quickly took my cellphone and took a few shots of it. That was the first time of my life that I was so close to seeing a rainbow, no, two rainbows so clearly. It was astounding.

Speaking of rainbow, I spotted Katherine McPhee's album cover on the internet this morning. I clicked on the link and there she is, wearing a pair of black vinyl boots, had a hair extension and her legs spread eagle. The writer was not very kind to her, of cos, saying that the prostitute wants her whore-boots back. Mee-ow. The writer also implied that she had hired Diva Mariah's fashion stylist. I was puzzled. When is it that looking sexy is associated to Mariah Carey? I guess people can't accept that she did a 360 change from her goody two shoes look on the Idol last year to this super sexy, super hot, and super gorgeous diva.

If anything, she is definitely much, much, much, MUCH prettier than Mariah Carey 'Puff'. And. Yes, sex sells. Hannah T can attest that.

And since she graduated from the school of American Idol, 1st runner up, I wanna talk about American Idol. Is it just me, or Paula Abdul is getting trashier? Or, half of the time she's buzzed? Did anyone spot Simon Cowell's hideous hairdo? The erm, auditions in Seattle - FREAK SHOW? Man, so entertaining. I love television. I only wish they show Janice Dickinson's Modelling Agency purrrrrrrrrrrr........

ps: I did not fry Sammy, if you must ask :)


savante said...

Awww. Sammy flew away on a rainbow.
Appropriate for a fish owned by two gay boys :P

Katherine McPhee! I love her! Will buy her album. now when the hell is Elliot Yamin getting a recording contract!

_ethnwg said...

I'm curious how her album would turn out to be. And yes I hope Elliot does swing jazz tat sorta genre. And, not rap.