Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mary had a 'fishy' Friend/s

I was rushing to the gym this morning cos I will be late if I'm not out from the house in 5 minutes. And as I opened the door, I saw a figure outside the door grill - it was 5 to 8 in the morning and the corridor was not lit. Ghost was the first thing that came into my mind until...


'It' shouted.

THEN, it dawned in me that it was my neighbour's lover. Or, one of her lovers- Note the 's'. So, no ghost. And, so. This man outside my house noticed me as I opened my front door. This man had been to here for quite a few times. And, this man, I believe is not her father.

"Darling!" This time more passionate.

Muffled replies from the inside of the house.

"OK. O-k." Dejected, he walked slightly closer to my house and yes, he started a conversation with me. The first encounter with him (about a month back), I ignored him completely cos he was too busy with his cellphone.

"Going for a work out?" he asked rather nicely.

"Yeah. I'm hitting the gym," I replied nonchalantly. I wanted to say "I am really late for my class so don't talk to me" but I figured if I did, he will ask me MORE questions. So, I dropped that.

"Good. That's good. How often do you go to the gym in the morning?"

"I'll try twice a week. If not it would be in the evening."

"That's very good," he smiled.

This man looks like a good man. Seriously. Ive to say my 1st impression of him was a sleazy SOB but today he had changed to sleazy nice uncle who just wanna get off. Perhaps, his wife is just too, naggy; or worse, menapausing. I don't know. *Shrugs*

Ok, the point is, my neighbour has got a lot of erm, 'interesting' visitors. Sometimes, I would see a girl who walk and talk like a man (girl-man). Other times, a couple of men who look like construction workers visiting her in the evenings. No, no, definitely a local. I don't think she digs chili or rotten guava armpit smell, yaknow.

I am just curious. Some Chinese would call me "pat", like the number 8. Sometime ago, we heard her screamed at Girl-man. Like, right outside her famous door! She told her to pissed off and after 8 years, you did this to me and the shits... just like when a healthy young couple would break-up. In fact, I think she threw her out of the house. But that was too funny cos I think my neighbour is the one cheating Girl-man. I could be damn wrong about it but how many old, perverted looking men that she calls father?


The story of Mary to be continued...

ps: ALL my fish died! Damn. I will be on an abstinence, not from sex, but from fish for a month to pay respect to my poor fish. Sigh.

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