Friday, January 5, 2007

Habitual Behaviours

Recently, I have acquired this habitual "thing". Well, actually, a couple of "habitual things", really. Ok, fine. More than a couple.

1) I like to experiment with old clothes to make it look different. I think shin-length folded jeans is funky, for example. It looks even better if it is matched with a pair of clean, white shoes i.e. BATA school shoes. I ain't kid you. Ad and I had purchased one pair each. You know those shoes we hated it so much back in high school? Yeah.

2) We like to accessorize. Yeah, like our female counterparts, we, men, CAN accessorize. Thanks to whomever that coined the term "Metrosexual" or "Ubersexual". I kinda think it is a marketing thingy for fashion people to make more money. But I am really not complaining. Accessories for men are fun. No dangling earrings or piercing nose, yet. Hmm, but I'd like a pierced cook. Hot, what :)

3) We pay attention to good looking people or, should I say, good looking AND fashionable ppl . They will automatically divert our attention to whatever we are doing. Girls and guys alike. Even aunties or uncles. Well, not so of the latter but aunties. Since we started this bag biz, we love people watching.

4) We love watching "What Women Want" every Thursday on 8tv because: a) All the men in the show are pathetic! They tried too damn hard to be nice. "Oh, I will volunteer to be the bottom two today cos I did everything a team mate can possibly do. Bla bla bla."

Some speak badly even if they're a Phd student - you knw who I am referring to. While others behaved like small kids! Are these men really WHAT WOMEN WANT? If you asked me, I think women these days don't want a good looking dude, surfer dude, Shakespearian dude, or dude sings and dances to win a woman's heart (cue: last nite's episode. Vomit-inducing). Women these days want men with deep pocket. That's what women want.

Yes, I've said it. I think women will stop reading this blog from now on *grin* But, seriously, Hannah T. Do you really wanna date a Fine Arts degree holder dude who stays with mommy and working in an art gallery as a Curator or a Banker who drives the latest Beemer, and drinks champagne for lunch?

In all fairness, there are still some women who dig romantic guy or a surfer dude. And, the show is a very good locally produced reality show. Thursday will never be the same again. Pre-American Idol, of course.

5) I love going to Sg Wang. A couple of years back, I would keel over if you caught me admitting to this but now, I dont give a hoot cos Sg Wang is funky, fun and happening. So much to shop compared to Sunway Pyramid or One Utama even. Really, how many MNG, Topshops, Vinci, and Padini stores do we all need in the Klang Valley? I know I like new breed of brands. Oh, allow me to share this with y'all the other day I was there.

After dinner, we got to the 6th floor and the first shop that we walked in, I asked the Sales Assistant what time do all the shops close here in Cantonese (she looks quite Lien so I thought that'd make it easier for us).

SA: Oh! I am solli. I no Chinese. I Korean.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry. So what time do all the shops close here?
SA: 9pm. So, it's time to leave now.

I looked at my watch and it was a quarter to 9. Maybe, she's right until I checked with the another store and the sales person said usually by 9.30pm, most stores will start to close. Ms Kim Chi Bong was trying shoo me out of the mall so she can go back and eat her Kim Chi noodles. Hmmph.

6) We both think Jade from ANTM cycle 6 is cool. Seriously. She can be the bitch of all the bitches and the drama queens of all the drama queens, she rocks it. I will certainly hire her if I've got a fashion house and make her the next big thing. People love controversies. You people, admit it!


savante said...

You like bitchy Jade? I would have poisoned her lunch. :P

But I can imagine who you've hired to man your booths! Will drop by one of these weekends. Promise.


Muse Studio said...

Muahahahaha.....ur funny but jade is controversial. Plus, she's good at wat she's doing :P

Ok hope to see you. Din hire any D&G-esque staff. Manning it myself hahaha