Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 in Retrospect … Closure.

I was looking back at all my posts from January until today and I am quite impressed with the amount of articles I've posted and pictures I've shot. I have to take this opportunity to thank you all for keep coming back. I can't promise much if I could keep up next year but as for now, I know I will not be stopping blogging so soon. Perhaps, there will be a big change coming your way sometime mid-year or earlier.

Few posts before this (part I), I was reminiscing all that had taken place on Jan and Feb of 2007. I have another 10 more months to reminisce and all that has to be done within the next 3 days before the year 2008 embraces us with an Earthy Rat – ok, technically, that's not true until CNY and yes, there are actually another 5 more days to 2008 but I won't have the time to blog when after the 29th… So. No monthly reminiscing.

On the hindsight, I have always wanted and salivated for a Nikon DSLR (I'm not going over the "Why Nikon not Canon" and the whole literature on which is better) way back in 2006 and most recently, in April 07. I didn't have to wait too long (thankfully) and acquired it in June 07. The secret is, "You have to believe" was what I have been told. Believe I did and worked hard I did, too. And I must say that was one of the happiest moments of 2007. The other is having to complete the ID for a cafe from ID work to consultation to graphic designs and even assisting them in teaching the staff on customer service (with ad assistance of cos :) ). Also recently did up a salon.... Not bad for a year, really.

Turning 30 this year was another turning point for me. First, there was the denial, then anger then depression … Ok, ok, nothing that serious. It was really more psychological than it is an age thing. I supposed I've learned to accept it and embrace it. I've to say, I am proud to be 30 and yes, the next couple of years will be a kick-ass-year for me. I am super excited.

New Year resolutions, I haven't exactly thought much of it. Maybe, instead of terming it as Resolutions, I'll call it Goals. Before setting my goals, I have a few closures for the year of 2007: -

  1. I am not switching gym – I still enjoy working out at Fitness First. Seriously.
  2. I am not buying Viewty because I still fancy the "Minority Report" inspired iPhone. Yes, I eat my own words.
  3. I am not giving up Lomography. Watch out.
  4. I am not giving up my dreams
  5. I am not changing my car contrary to popular "beliefs"
  6. I am not changing my religion
  7. I am not going to tolerate lies
  8. I am not going to tolerate superficial divas
  9. I am not slacking
  10. I am not obese :)

Here is a presentation in pictures (some pics are missing from here) …

Meantime, wishing everyone a Fantastic 2008! Keep rocking...


savante said...

Superficial divas? :O Siapa tu!

Ah-Bong said...

dude, remove the adverlets thingy... we're diverted to another website due to the thingy on ur blog. :)