Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 In Retrospect (I)

The year is coming to an end. Hurray? Ad asked me what have I achieved the past 11 months or so few nights before and I turned to him and said, "I think I want to sleep now than thinking of what I have achieved in 2007". So, I slept it off. But not for long, of course, which in turn, made me blog this.

I read with much admiration the interviewed NST did with Dato' Tony Fernandez of Air Asia fame yesterday. Who is Dato' Tony Fernandez? You have got to be kidding me. Anyways, I admire him for having dreams and I admire him for his tenacity and his strong will to fight. The year ended with a big bang with Air Asia winning the coveted "Airline of The Year Award" by CAPA. The other person that I've recently idolized is Tan Sri Gnanalingam who was not born with a Silver Spoon but worked very hard to be where he is today. Since the winning he received from Malay Mail crossword puzzle, there was no turning back for him.

To really sum it all, I think 2007 has been a very busy year for me. Looking back 2007 in retrospect…


We celebrated the new year at the Curve cos we were opened for business at the weekend market. We, then, headed back home and feasted on a lot of FOOD! Glorious food, I still remember. It was pretty fun. The following day, we drove to Kuala Selangor for more food! This time, it was seafood. This year, well, we will be celebrating 2008 with a big bang *grin*

Yes, EAT ME!

"We are FABULOUS!"

Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress for her singing role in Dreamgirls at the Oscar and Golden Globe. We've gotten an aquarium and started "PROJECT AQUARIUM". Of cos, ALL the fish had RIP, and have recently acquired a few new ones – don't ask me how they die they just did. Business at the ABC weekend bazaar was flourishing and made a few friends. To reminisce, I still like the "old" ABC market much cos I guess that was where we started it all.

A girl in Kelantan (or is it Terrengganu?) claimed that gem stones grew from her toe! I wonder what happened to her now. Probably wearing them gemstones on her ears or something. Eew.


Bangkok, here we come! With a few friends, we shopped till we dropped. It was a very fun trip but I'm sure the upcoming one will be a blast J

The month where TV shows from US of A took off, especially the sensational "Heroes" and the uproariously funny, "Ugly Betty". Well, we started loving them much then.

Muse bags new range took off and we had some CNY d├ęcor on our display. The sales was the best ever. Hmm that got me thinking. Japan discovered two species of pre-historic sharks, known as Goblin shark and Frill shark. Damn scary looking.

America Idol fever… my predictions didn't come through but I am truly happy for Ms. Jordin Sparks and her "Tattoo".

We went to Malacca for a day trip during CNY holiday and took some pretty funky pictures.

To be continued…


savante said...

Me, I would have slammed Ad onto the wall to achieve some good resolution. :P

ethn said...

O-K, Doc McHorny.