Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Almost A Bad Day

It doesn't count, I know. But it was bad enough to stress me out for the 4 hours or so when my precious wallet of 4 years was missing.

It all started right after gym and lunch at a local fav. chinese restaurant in Bangsar - favorite because I like the pan mee stall which I patronised much back when I was still with my previous company. After finishing my delicious pan mee, I very quickly left the place to start my journey to Putrajaya to see a client. My missing wallet, of cos, went unnoticed until I was at the first toll plaza.

That was when I started to panic. It was embarassing enough that I took FOREVER to pay RM1.60. I searched for a good 5 minutes - alas, it was not in the car. What was perculiar was the cars behind me were pretty patient. Malaysian drivers, I tell you. Anyways, I had to parked up my car and continue to search - this time, for money! Thank God for loose change, it saved the embarassment and of cos, my life. I was so demotivated to proceed after discovering my missing wallet cos EVERYTHING was in my wallet it is like missing a part of me. Worst fear is that I had to go thru license and ID card applications when in less than two weeks I will be traveling. But, I told myself I had to get it done even though my gas was running low. All THAT had to happened when I lost my wallet with my credit cards and money in it.

After meeting the client, I asked if they could borrow some money to me.

Ok, ok, seriously, I was kidding. I took chances and continued my journey back to KL half of the time I prayed that my fuel would last me till when I see Ad. Seeing Ad was plan B. Had to scrap plan A when the noon traffic in KL was chock-a-block - that didn't help but further aggravated me, of cos.

Of cos, seeing Ad was a relieved and having him saving me was inexplicable - I will save the mushy stuff :) When I returned to the chinese shop, I walked right straight to the counter next to where the bar is. I asked if they've seen a wallet and the lady boss checked for authenticity and boy, I was so relieved to see it. You have no idea. I had to thank the other lady who've picked it up for me and when I did that, I felt like a boy who've done something bad and profusely apologising for my mistake. Daft.

This consequently will teach me a lesson or two - not to be so forgetful and believe to always do good cos it will come back to you.


Fable Frog said...

wow~ that is not considered a bad day~ you are damn lucky you found your wallet again~ don't be so careless ah!!

savante said...

Eeee... how nightmarish. At least you found it back!

adrien said...

nightmarish indeed! i so know how it felt. yes, i'm as careless as you were. hehe

gotta tell u i almost fell for the "borrow money from lady" part. lol

johnybravo said...

It could have been a nightmare. You were lucky you dropped your wallet in the bangsar area.

Else where, i think you would have to start your application process already...

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