Monday, December 3, 2007

Art imitates Life

I had a bad day.

No, the day didn't start off having me breaking my bones in the morning. Nor, did I quarrel with Ad. In fact, the morning kicked off pretty fine with us having our breakfast at our regular place near home. It was nice cos we both appreciate moments like this.

In retrospect, it started with me having a strange pain in my abdomen. In the wee hours of the night causing me getting up to poop pop some gastric pills. That did help but not much cos the uncomfortable feeling carried on till morning. I shall spare you guys the erm, loo details :) I managed to make it to the office in one piece, nonetheless. The morning went off with me checking on emails, catching up with my staff and looking at what is coming up in the next couple of days. It was, in fact, a pretty peaceful day at work except...

Wait. I did walk quite a fair bit to the friggin' car park management office which is located in the basement - pretty scary considering I was carrying quite a bit of moolah with me to pay for the season car park. And, of cos, me wanting to save on alteration cost after having shopped at Zara. Hehe...

Still not too bad, right?

Yeah, so there was nothing seem out of the ordinary stood out until when I got to the Curve to gym. I fucking forgot my gym shoes and to make matter worse, I fucking could not withdraw any money from the ATM! WHY? I had exceeded the amount for the fucking day! (It was a new bank account and I havent got the time to amend the "configuration"). So with only a few bucks with me and no gym shoes, I went home rather distraught and angry with myself for being so foolish.

Fine. I thought I should order in McDonald's since that was easy and I called before I got home. The trip back home took longer than the delivery and the guy was a little peeved with me having waited for more than 10 minutes outside my house. He left and told me to call him once I am home again. I felt like shit.

I got home and saw a note on the floor. A red A4 size note with the content facing down.

"Damn! They produced red card now? Blacklisting me from ordering?" I thought. I was wrong when I found out it was from TNB - yes, my electricity got cut off. For how much?


You have no idea how angry I was but I was more humiliated for having the McD delivery person waited for me. He arrived shortly after and I apologised profusely and tipped him, too; well, whatever I could dig from the house. Thank God for coins and loose RM1 notes.

Oh in case you're wondering how I get to blog, well, I drove out to the nearest Starbucks and started to go online. I got bored looking into the darkness in the entire house. I pity my little fishes in the aquarium. And, believe you me, I fucking hate TNB.

Well I guess the old adage, "Everything happens for a reason" is quite right. At the cafe, I'd discovered Marina Musa ( and her art. There is something about her art that makes it so ... special. It speaks directly to me, the emotional depth of each piece is really mind bogging.

At least I'm quite happy now ...


Ah-Bong said...

wow dude, that's a BAD day...

*hugs* hope all goes well for you for the rest of the weel ;)

savante said...

Yikes. Sounds awful. Here, lemme buy you some tea when i'm over there.

adrien said...

aaaaw dear dear. i'll come over your office again one day with muffins. :)

the art is somewhat whimsical, yet so close to reality.

the silver lining of it all kan? cheer up. :)

ethn said...

aww u guys. thanks

so now ive got free cuppa tea & muffins. u bake, adrien? i'd like choc walnut muffin