Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Joyous Christmas

Yearly Christmas party that almost didn't get to go. The girls kept the spirit going and had organized the party well much thanks to Janice and family. Great food, great host and most of all, she made it work.

Some pictures from last night.

Gift exchanged put a lot of smiles on everyone faces.

Group photo shot by Missy V

Jasmine, Janice (host) & missy V

"Hello, gorgeous! Woof" Elvis & missy V

That STUPID NINJA GAME. Me, Eve & Serina doing her version of the "Crane"

Janice, Jamie & Nick

We're pretty pleased with our gifts. Esp moi

Mini sausages. Dont ask.

Jump attempt #108!

"It's me and Elvis again!"

Juwene, me and Jasmine more ...

Xmas Eve's eve also Mom's Bday

My nieces & nephews who drove all of us nuts that night. The pics tell a thousand words.

Wishin' all my readers and friends a joyous Christmast!


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