Friday, March 21, 2008

Bake with J.Siew (Part 1)

Workin' with Joyce, whom I've known for many years, is a joy. Literally, really. From assignments back in college until recently at the photo shoot in her apartment. Not only was she funny, kind and sometimes dramatic, she is also very hospitable. If she was my client, she will be the easiest person to work with for this photo shoot. Seriously.

We spoke about shooting her baking process and her cupcakes one boring Monday many weeks ago and we finally had the time to do it last Tuesday at her cosy apartment at Damansara Perdana. Seeing her bake so effortlessly confirmed that this woman is passionate in baking and she is really, really good at what she does.

Let me share with you for now, the first part of the photo shoot showcasing mainly the ingredients and the process.



Fresh strawberries for the Vanilla Coconut cupcakes

Kitchen accessories...

Ms. J whippin' up the ingredient before she bakes them. Like a pro.


Royal Baking powder. So essential.

I did help and these are some of the work I've done. Fillin' up the tray lol

This, seriously, is a cake tester and it's quite useful. Cute, eh


Seeing the cupcakes baked in her oven was really a joy - for her and for me, too.

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