Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Homecoming Queens

Haha... I wasn't going to blog on the Mardi Gras. Tho' I wish I was there *shrugs*

This year is the return of the music divas. The come-back queens, they call it. For those of you who've unfortunately seen the rather adolescent-ish, somewhat Lindsay Lohan-ish, Paula Abdul's new MTV for her first single, err "Dance Like there is no tomorrow" on American Idol 7 two weeks back, you problably cringed a little. C'mon, I'm sure you did? Either that or you thought she was good!

(If truth be told, I thought she was Ooo-Kay-lahhhh. Uknow, like when you said to yourself after bingeing on that piece of fried chicken from pasar malam :p)

Then, there was the released of the much anticipated album from Ms Minogue early this year after her recovery from breast cancer and break-up with moronic, cheater bf of hers. I totally dig the new album cover and of cos, the album did not disappoint at all. Not the least bit tho' her first single is a tad Goldfrappish's "Beautiful".

Of cos, there was Celine Dion.

And, this month, Ms Janet's brand spanking album, "Disciplined", is released all over the world. Lookin' really good in her new video and much less pretentious, I'm confident this one will do well. I can't expect it to be like "Janet" or "Velvet Rope" but from the first two listenings, I am loving much.

Of cos, next month, there is That (FAT) Chick, Mariah Carey and her follow-up album after her emancipation to Mimi. Have you heard of the new single? Haha... it was fun while it lasted. That is all I can say. Don't get me started on the MTV and that her omnipresent "water balloons" :p Did I mention her album is called, ahem, E = MC2? Didnt take a genious to figure that one out!

Lastly but not least - I heard somewhere that Whitney Houston is releasing an album this year - there is Mrs Ritchie, the madame of pop, Madonna. "Hard Candy" is the title of the album. Justin Timberlake, Pharell and Timbaland are said to be collaborating with her this time. I've listened to the first single yesterday (they have removed it since) and I thought it is a pretty good Body Jam song. Haha... Well, I can't wait. It's Madonna, people!

For what it's worth, at least they can spare us the Britney, Lindsay, Hilary (both), *gasp* Paris.

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