Monday, March 3, 2008

Best dream forward

I've got bored at work (Monday blues) and did some research or rather, googled some ID or design blogs. Found a couple that I really like and sorta gave me some preeeeety good ideas.

Of cos, I was dreaming of my own place ... how I'd decorate it. The furniture, artwork, paintings, kitchen.... Arrrghhhh. Kill joy, that was just me dreaming on a mid-afternoon boring Monday.



Ah-Bong said...

ooooo i soooo love #4. #5. and #6.

:D :D :D

ethn said...

nice eh?

#4 - i like the idea that you have a timber platform that overlooks the spectacular view

#5 & #6 - it's a loft at NY. you cant go wrong w a NY's loft, can u? love the art decor on the wall & the stunning collection of books!

adrien said...

i dream too. :p