Monday, March 31, 2008

Run, Baby I Have

Finishin' 10km non stop feels damn good and that was what I did last Sunday at the KL International Marathon (KLIM). What was disappointing compared to 4 years ago when I ran my very first, virgin 10km marathon at KLIM was I did not get to go past the finishing line just like a winner. Sure, I may not have been on the top 3 place (not anywhere close LOL), I was really lookin' forward to triumphantly run past the finishing line, tho'.

Just about 100m at the finishin' line, I could see a few man busied themselves to get all runners to get in a queue. Yes. I was told to queue in a line to collect my certificate of participation. And, no, I did not get the medal because I was not the first 500 who finished under the qualifying time. HOWEVER, I did complete the race within 80 minutes. In fact, I think I've completed it slightly under 70 mins, non-stop. I could have done better but better wasn't my goal. I just wanted to finish the run without stoppin' and man, I tell ya, it wasn't easy. The last 2 km was the hardest. Besides, this time, the route was quite different - imagine running on the busiest road in KL on weekdays ie Jln Bukit Bintang, Jln Sultan Ismail, Jln TAR et al and smellin' whiff of fried maggi mee and curry in the air passing all the mamak stalls & restaurants. Not easy feat but thank God for my Sony Walkman.

There were many participants, particularly, high school kids all lookin' eager to compete (healthy, I spose) and some were just there simply cos of peer pressure. We saw many of them ran with their mobile phones and some with cameras. Yes, cameras. I was told some of them stopped half way to pose. Just so they could blog or facebook it? Don't believe me? Try googling KLIM in full LOL

One of my NY's resolution is to complete 2 marathons this year but lookin' at how psyched my new found 'marathoners' friends in achieving MORE, I reckon in the next months or so, I will be competing *gasp* at least 3 more? I don't mind cos one day, one day, I want to go to these...

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