Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Run Baby Run

I told my nephews that I am going for a marathon this Sunday.

The younger one quickly asked, "May-ra-ton? What is that?"

The brother, who is 11 this year, was shocked, "Serious? How far? 10km?"

"Yes, you are right. 10km."

"But you are going to die! Crazy lah!"

"No, I won't die lah. It is not my first time running a marathon. In fact, it is my..." Countin' in my head, I think this will be my 6th times running a 10km.

"My 6th times."

"SERIOUSLY? Wow. You are crazy. You can die right?"

"No. I won't die lah. Stop sayin' I'd die."

Sheesh, I doubted myself after sayin' that cos the 6th time I did a 10km, it was 4 years ago? I was really a lot younger then, too.

I assured the little fella that I will be fine. He even offered to lend me his Sony Walkman. Genuinely lettin' me have it.

All he said was, "Sure! I need to tell mom first. Anyway, here's the cable to charge and transfer songs..."

I almost teared. Of cos, I have to finish this race for him. Mr. Bravo expected me to finish it within 80 minutes just so we could get the qualifying medal. Darn! All I wanted is to finish the race and hope to do another sometime mid of the year. He wasnt gonna buy that excuse. We don't call him Sgt Chilli Pepper for nothin'.

So. I was dubious of the achievement tho' we've been sorta "training" at Bukit Kiara hills most Sunday mornings this month & trekking at Sg Chilling (not sure if that counts ... I really enjoy the outdoors. Seriously).

I will, nonetheless, endeavour to get a medal this time while chillin' out to High School Musical soundtrack LOL. Pray for me.

By the way, my nephew's playlist is pretty interesting... there's of cos, High School Musical songs, and then there is Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable', My Chemical Romance, Daughtry, Michael Buble amongst others.

By by the way, I love love love the new Body Combat track dunno no. what. Love. The instructor was so cute. He asked ad if I've got phobia cos I havent been to his class for a qhile since I kicked a gal's head in his class while doin' the back kick; consequently causing her to yes, cry. In the gym and in public. Poor gal. I felt soo bad I decided to stop & ran on the treadmill. She assured me she is fine but I didn't feel good.

The fear is gone (4 weeks now?) and I'm back. Wish I could do more classes this month.

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savante said...

Running for years!? :O It ain't nat'ral, boy!

But good luck :)