Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"New Malaysia?"

On the night of the voting day, last Saturday, we were out to watch 'Spiderwick Chronicles' - the movie turned out to be quite entertaining though it is a kid's flick. Of cos, unbeknownst to us, results of the voting casted in the morning can be as immediate as say, instant noodles? We were so naive to actually assume that results will be out like the next evening or something. So, we were ignorant :p

The buzz of the result actually began at dinner time in a Japanese restaurant. A somewhat buzzed and underfed chinese uncle wearing a blue vest (BN supporter, I assumed? I know. Can't be underfed, right?) were speaking very loudly on his mobile phone next to our table. As ignorant as us of election, he didn't care if his behaviour disrupted the people in the restaurant. Funny, too, that staff/owners of Malaysian restaurants/cafes do not have the habit of asking rowdy customers to shut the fuck up if they are, rowdy? Strange aint it?

So I digress.

Uncle was telling everyone incl. the person on the phone that BN had lost badly. In the middle of my eating the sashimi, I stopped and perked up. Interesting newsflash, I thought. Then, when we swung over to One Utama after dinner, which was buzzing with some F1 activities, we overheard shoppers, men in in all shape and sizes, talking rather loudly on the phone about the results of the election - So-and-so lost her spot at Bangsar, Samy Vellu also lost.

We were so curious we wanted to get online instantly. Thanks to technology, we were able to. It was like watching the score of a sports event. So fun. Later, in the middle of the movie, there were a few smses telling us to "stay home and celebrate quietly, DAP supporters."

*Sheesh, but I'm in a middle of a movie! And the damn Ogre is about to killed the stupid human! Fine.

The next day, like Mr. Rainbow said, "I'm back in a whole new Malaysia". Sure enough, it is a whole new Malaysia. The results rocked the parliament, newspapers were all sold out. And, we were a little frustrated cos of that, too (ok, we slept till a little before noon and gymed). The buzzword now is, can the "new Malaysia" keep up to their promises or it is just once again NATO**? Will BN's defeat make them work harder? Will the parliament meeting be as spectacular and entertaining as say, Taiwan politics?

2008 has only just warmed up, people.

*We got home safely & no, we want Obama to win. Ogre, human, politics, get it? :)
**NATO - No action, talk only.


Ah-Bong said...

oooo! am looking forward for a Taiwan parliament in our parliament... chair throwing, guts punching, hair pulling, keris showing. ooops. :P

savante said...

You thought Results the next day?! Aiya, obviusly didn't vote. Juk juk juk. Go register!