Wednesday, July 12, 2006

all around the world ... and back

World News

MUMBAI, India (CNN) -- A series of seven explosions killed at least 174 people on crowded commuter trains and stations Tuesday evening in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai, police said. Officials said at least 464 people were injured in the blasts in the city's western suburbs as commuters made their way home. All seven blasts came within an 11-minute span, between 6:24 and 6:35 p.m. (12:54 and 1:05 p.m. GMT) more >

i think this is a cowardly act by the terrorists. targeting the poor who commute by train to the bustling city during peak hours is pathetic. just imagine you are in the train during that time and all you could think of is to get back home and be by your family. very sad news. i hope they catch the culprits, damn it.

A Bundle of Mystery (Yahoo news) -
The chatter on celeb gossip sites around the Web is growing louder and more intense. Even normally celeb-friendly US Magazine has waded into the fray and thoughtfully included a countdown clock on its front page. Yesterday, Hollywood-focused uncovered some official-looking paperwork. All are trying to answer one burning question—where in the world is Suri Cruise?

Searches on the unseen celeb offspring jumped 154% yesterday, as folks continued a vigilant search for information on the baby girl born to
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The baby hasn't been spotted since she was born almost three months ago, inspiring many fruitless searches on "pictures of suri cruise" and "suri cruise photo." Curious searchers have been spurred on by the rampant rumors swirling online and are also turning to the Search box to ask "where is suri cruise" and more ominously, "does suri cruise exist." All of which is building towards a enormous burst of buzz when the first pics finally surface. Hmmm... could they have possibly planned such a publicity-generating stunt? Heavens, no!

here's one of the comments a reader had posted on the site:

i don't think that is shocking to know that Tom Cruise doesn't wanna show his baby. What happened was, he was just jealous that even when his baby was born before Shiloh Nouvel of the Jolie-Pitt bloodline, He was furious that people are so engrossed w/ the still coming Jolie-Pitt kiddo! He wanted pay back. And the longer he hides the baby, the higher the bid, the greater the thirst of the public eyes to see his offspring, the better it is for him. He is a hopeless man. He can hide his baby all he wants! In time, he will not get anything out of that, but doubt and people questioning his state of mind... Is he crazy? Who knows but Katie Holmes only? and who knows better?!

need i say more?

Tennis - So Nadal was beaten by Federer in Wimbledon (this is Federer's 4th straight Wimbledon win), and that my boss was and still relieved that her favourite beat the shits out of Nadal. but, really the champion in the court are the women's double Yan Zi and Zheng Jie from China. and no, i do not follow Wimbledon and not pretending that i am. i have got 'repeats' in the office broadcasted by none other than, yeap, u've guessed it, my boss. i think i'm beginning to like tennis and would really want to pursue it...someday.

Football - No comment. No butt joke. No chest pain. Nada.

Local News

i love this ...

Najib: I'll settle traffic fines

PUTRAJAYA (The Star) : Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says he will settle unpaid traffic summonses issued under his name and called on other ministers with outstanding fines to do so. Najib was responding to a Malaysiakini article which said he and 24 other ministers had not paid the summonses for several years.
“I know about the article. I know I am at number five. I do not drive, it is others who do and I did not know about it. They also did not tell me. I will settle it,” he told reporters yesterday. According to Malaysiakini, Najib’s accumulated summons stood at RM7,820 for 67 fines.

don't you just love our DPM? he's the man! but, how come i do not see policemen handcuffing him like how they did to the poor 17 years-old who had 55 summons totalling to slightly less than what our DPM received? maybe, our DPM REALLY is CLUELESS what he has received.
And here’s a little tip to get you by in life:
To test avocados, mangoes, or papayas for ripeness, gently fondle the fruit — never squeeze it — and if the flesh yields to the touch, it's ready to eat.

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