Monday, July 24, 2006

and i think im crzy

we celebrated carol's burfday in rakuzen a few weeks back, and, yes i've finally got the time to put the pics together and post it :p

the lunch buffet was excellent. the sashimi was so good (and fresh!) and the ambience was jus nice. not too noisy unlike some japanese buffet restaurant, and also there was no kiasu ppl piling up their plates with food they don't even knw how to pronounce it at the buffet spread or noisy kids running around like it is a playground.

certainly worth a visit again. i hope carol enjoyed her little lunch with us. nothin' special just catching up

there are so oo many things that i am lookin' forward for the next coming weeks that i am grinning like a little girl at the candly floss store ... um, did i say little girl?

worthy list of wait: -

  • beyonce, justin t, janet & christina aguilera new album! lotsa anticipation, lotsa expectations & the critics cant wait. so cant i! and btw, i love 'deja vu' ... tat's missy b's 1st single

  • my pet project

  • thom yorke of radiohead has got a solo album, The Eraser, & i heard the first single over on iTunes. i love it & am um, downloading it *grin*

  • john mayer...yes, john mayer's spanking new album will be out soon, too, & the first single, Waiting on the World to Change, is damn good. i love his sexy voice. nope, not downloading this one. buyin'.

  • faster kill pussycat! i knw i've mentioned this on my prev. post but i cant fcking wait for the download to complete cos i love this track. best dance song this yr so far...after 'hung up'

  • 'dorm', a thai horror flick about a boy whom was sent to a boarding school in thailand by his parents & guess what? it's haunted! it's not exactly a cheap horror flick, that's as much as i've read abt this movie. a little bit like the 6th sense. i wanna watch! any taker?

  • tioman! 7.28.06 > 7.30.06

  • check out moi's flckr cos ive finally decided to upload my recent cambodia trip photos

  • india. no i am not goin' but two of my frens are ... one this sat and another in nov. i am very tempted. urghhh... but i shall wait.

ps: i had such a fun night with a couple of frens and ad catching up and talking about stuf that we are comfortable at or could relate to. so nice.

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