Thursday, July 6, 2006

Broad Way Ah Beng?

i received two invitations to watch the opening night of 'Broadway Ah Beng' from the nice people at Gardner and Wife in the Actors Studio, Bangsar recently.

i had anticipated to watch this stand up comedy/musical for months already since i spotted the poster at the 'Coming Soon' highlights at the Actors Studio. and, by anticipation, i mean, i had quite high expectations of the show.

ravenous expectations, if u must know.

sadly, like everything else in life, one should not have and do not have ravenous expectations of a certain something or someone cos more often than not, we will end up disappointed, which sometimes, can lead to aggression and violence. fck. where did that come from? too much football and football news. sorry but, i digress.

the show turned out to be light hearted and a little tame. i wasn't at all laughing my ass off, tearing, & asking for an encore. no. the last time i laughed a lot till i teared was when i watched 'Over the Hedge'.

to cut the long story short, the show was just alright. maybe it was 80% in hokkien, which i don't quite understand. eventho' ad understood hokkien, he didn't exactly had a ball that night. maybe we had curry for dinner. and, speaking of curry, we smelled durian not once but twice during the 1 and a half hour show! gosh for a moment i thought that was a gas leakage in the building. we deduced it was the uncle behind us who probably had durian for dinner and burped. yucks.

again, i digress. so, where was i... yeah, the show was mostly in hokkien. and, his 8 minutes spoof on 'Miss Saigon' was nothing but cheap thrill lah. i enjoyed Miss Saigon tremendously but for him to spoof it, i thought it was cheap especially when he plays the role of the General in the UK version of 'Miss Saigon' not so long ago. overall, i will give this show a 3 out of 5.

anyways, if you plan to watch the show, please make sure you understood hokkien cos if you do, you will definitely enjoy yourself (more). and stay away from durians before the show, please. or, curry for that matter.

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