Monday, July 3, 2006

the devil wears red brief

I watched "Superman Returns" last weekend and i enjoyed it tremendously although it was a tad too long. i think that Brian Singer did a good job. there were quite a few "WHOAs", and "WAHs" in the cinema esp when Superman was dodging bullets... i thought that was quite hilarious. i guess most of the audience were there cos of the hype but not cos they are actually a fan of Superman. otherwise, they should not be surprised that Superman cannot be killed by multiple machine gun shots.

Brandon Routh, on the other hand, manages to live up to fans' expectations taking over the late Christopher Reeves role as Superman. in fact, he was brooding, and quite suave as Clark Kent although i have to say his features are a little "softer" as compared to Christopher Reeves. i guess it is cos of their age difference, too. to sum it up, it is worth the wait and worth the hype. go watch it if you have not and don't be surprised by how strong Superman is (and not compare him with Batman or Spiderman)

there are a few other movies that i am anticipating to watch: The Pirates of the Caribean - Dead Man's Chest, The Devil wears Prada starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway from the best selling book of the same name & My Super Ex-Girlfriend with Uma Thurman who is an X-girl ie superpower etc but also an emo wreck. i saw the trailer and it was dang funny!

on an unrelated note, i was over at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (KLGH) in the city centre this afternoon to visit my baby niece who has been diagnosed for some blood-related illness (she was transfered from Sunway Hospital as recommended by the doctor). i have never been to KLGH in my life and my first visit to the hospital really shocked me. the hospital is quite run down, poorly managed car park (wait, i should say, non-managed car park), confusing signs or the lack of it, and definitely not patient-friendly. there were no security guards or traffic person present. imagine if there is an emergency during lunch time and there is a bottleneck at the exit/entrance of the hospital? i know there are a few exits/entrances but the roads are just too narrow!

KLGH is a public general hospital where lower income people seek for medical treatment here because it is a lot cheaper than other private company owned hospitals in Klang Valley. thus, it can be quite busy. in fact, it was pretty busy when i was there and the time that i had to spend to look for a car park can simply drive one person into road rage. fortunately, i bumped into my father and poor father was also lost cos it was his first time after almost a decade coming to KLGH. we managed to find the building...father was cursing in the car before he found me. cant blame him.

i find it really ironic that KLGH, the hospital run by the government, sandwiched between tall, big and beautiful buildings ie Istana Budaya, Institut Jantung Negara, KLCC etc is in a state that requires a complete overhaul in every aspects. i heard from father that they might move to Sg Buloh, which is approximately 30 - 45 minutes from the city. will it facilitates international standard medical facilities? is the car park properly managed? can the interns happily stay in the hospital to do their years instead of being stuck in the depressing state of the current KLGH? only time can tell. big leaders all over the country should act up and stop arguing who is right or wrong cos really, there are more important issues that the country need to sort out than just bickering.

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