Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Travel Light

Bullet train to Singapore: From KL in 90 minutes

YTL proposes RM8 billion high-speed train link.KUALA LUMPUR: Imagine zipping in a bullet train from the KL Sentral station into the heart of Singapore in 90 minutes flat. That is something that will become a reality if tycoon Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s plan to build and operate such a train service at a cost of up to RM8 billion takes off.

Yeoh told the New Straits Times that the Malaysian and Singapore Governments had been informed of the proposal by YTL Corp for the fast train service.If approved, the project will become the largest to be launched on a private finance initiative (PFI) basis, as encouraged under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

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isn't this the most newsworthy news ever come out from out local dailies since ... since ... *scratching head* gee, i don't knw. since they saved the cub, nicki, from becoming herbal hot soup for the horny chinese men?

shoulda been done like 5 yrs ago, no? anyways, this is good news for the consumers, the retailers, and business ppl who travel back and forth to spore and vice versa. students will be very pleased, too. kudo to Datuk Yeoh.

and over to football (cheh, like i really dig football). but, seriously. up until now, the matches have been pretty unpredictable. who would've thought the German would lose to the Italians at last night's match? i heard from the radio djs on red fm, and they predicted the scores to be 2 - 0 and 2 - 1 to Germany. true, they are not football experts but i am pretty certain a lot of the people who banked on Germany did not expect them to lose. not on last night's match.

my prediction? nada.

my favourite? i quite dig zidane but i'd go for Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis over Zidane. we shall see. tonight's game will be fucking interesting.

fucking interesting

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