Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i love my bitch

i am in such a bloody good mood...

it is cos i've achieved so much even before lunch. and, also that the furniture catalogue is finally completed and it turned out to be nicer than i had expected. not great, but nice. can do better but budget restrain. o well.

i hope to go for a short break next wknd ... in an ISLAND *crossing fingers hard-hard while supressin' the excitement*

i had discovered some good stuff last nite while watching channel v. some of the gems comin' out frm the music scene recently: -

  • i am not my hair - india arie ... very cute mtv. i love her.
  • beautiful, loved & blessed - prince ft. unknown female artist ... beautiful duet. full of soul & very fun to listen to
  • love - prince (again) ... something that i'd think justin t should learn a thing of two from this funk 'sifu'
  • i love my bitch - busta rhymes ... i don believe that i actually said this; tat i like busta but this is good feat. kellis
  • promiscuous girl - nelly furtado ... it's dancey, and it's cheeky. i like
  • showtime - nelly furtado (again) ... very gwen but really, it's nelly who did it 1st, no?
  • st elsewhere - gnarls barkley
  • faster kill pussycat - paul oakenfold feat. britany murphy ... who would've tot, britany m frm clueless n sing? on top pf my favorite playlist! fcking love it

frens gone to coldplay's concert and was blown away. i missed it cos i was broke :( ... oh welll, im sure there's a chance another time. i'm pretty lookin fwd for sandy lam's concert in december.

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