Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Waiting on the World to Change

"Available soon, features the album version of Waiting On The World To Change, plus a bonus acoustic version of the song featuring Ben Harper and the studio version of "Good Love Is On The Way." Oh, hey... Let's get to this. Good Love is not on the album, and though some of you may hear it and think it sounds perfectly CD-worthy, it just didn't match the tone of the entire CD. I've been around you all long enough to know that if it was on the disc you'd have said it shouldn't have been, anyway. You are all crazy. 600 and something reviews on iTunes? For a single? What was your last review, a candle?Making fun of your fans... Always a winning strategy." john mayer

*i cant wait. and, i've posted my cambodia pictures on multiple sites; yes, multiple sites and i've got nice compliments from frens. thank you all! xoxo

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