Thursday, August 3, 2006

... of form + design


i havent blogged for a while cos i had been busy; still am actually cos suddenly i've got lots to do one after another; kinda stole some time off to update for a bit. and, i was away over the wknd for a short but absolutely rewarding & fun-filled trip in tioman island. great beach, great tan and great company! pictures will be up soon. patient hor.

i've decided to post these up cos i think they are cool.

pictures are from marcel wanders and designer guilds


johnybravo said...

i would love for my home to look like that and have a room where i can chuck everything and make a mess off, so that the entire house will look simple and not clustered up...

_ethnwg said...

haha..i knw! it's funny that eventually each house, there's always a room to chuck in all the 'unwanted', 'unusued', and 'unnecessary'. sometimes, the maid & the wife mite be there, too

whoops! :P