Monday, August 7, 2006

head don't lie

i went for a facial yesterday. it was @ this new place i've spotted on the paper last week which, was and still is, having a promo. and that, inadvertently, made me an opportunist. here's why:

"u want to make an appointment", asked the petite receptionist at the counter whom, i personally feel she needs an eye facial. badly.

"no, actually, cos i had made an appointment a couple days ago with ms. S", i replied feeling the chill of the salon. don't get me wrong. it is not 'The 6th Sense' kinda chill. more like, cold.

"then, can i have ur IC, please?" she asked rather straight fowardly. i quickly took out my IC before she demanded it the second time with that housewifey-tone, yaknw. besides, it is rather puzzling they want my IC. Reason? Registration purpose. DUH! Pass the damn form, and let me fill it up for ya! i didn't say that, of cos.

i waited for her to fill up the form. a lady who was carrying a handbag bearing the 'curious george' monkey face on it (TACKY!) asked for direction. petite dark-circled eye gal (PDCEG) helped her.

"but, i can't see it!" she raised her voice slightly frustrated. obviously, she followed PDCEG's direction but could not find the shop she was lookin' for. it was rather unfair and inappropriate for her to take it out on her because PDCEG was very patient and kind to actually bother to give her the direction. i wish i could say this to her, "then, ma'am, may i suggest you go to the GF and look for the INFO COUNTER!"

minutes passed. a curious but slightly 'pai seh' lady walked in, and PDCEG attended to a walk-in customer who was inquiring about the ad they've put up on the paper (like i did). at this juncture, readers, you would've guessed that PDCEG was the ONLY staff at the counter, thus, stressing her out & lookin' all sad. poor gal. on the other hand, her supervisor was more interested to ACT like a supervisor instead of assisting her i.e. walkin' around, smiling & hoping to look good at any given time. interestingly enough, her supervisor turned out to be my consultant AND the one who did my facial.

"sorry ah. took so long to register," she said rather unapologetically. more like, PR "sorry" yaknw?

"it's alright." i didn't put up a fight eventhough i was frustrated for making me wait, like, 20 mins.

i followed her to a small consultation room, which she, ms. smooth-skin, Glowing-mascara (SSGM), continued asking me more questions like, smoking, drinking, do you eat fruits and the like. she went on to take snapshots of my face with this gun-like camera and instantly "disgusting images" appeared on her computer screen. and the next few minutes went on in the light of these...oily, blackheads, facial, moisturiser .... wrong.... dead skins .... *cantonese words which i really cant translate* ... blackheads .... whiteheads ... blackheads ...

she had succeeded in making me feel bad about not taking good care of my face. truth is, i knew for a long time i needed a facial cos i spotted blackheads every fucking where on my face but i had procrastinated cos i wanna save. you see, it aint cheap to go for a facial although everytime i did it, it felt worth it :p we started the facial session after the consultation that lasted 15minutes. thank God! i hate ppl bringing me down on a level that only they, in this case, Ms. SSGM, could feel good and almighty about themselves. bear in mind tho' that i didn't call her a bitch as she is deemed the savvy beautician whilst i am the apathetic, not-so-metrosexual man who doesn't take good care of his face.

*the facial begun and lasted for approximately 2 hours. the were excruciating moments like, the part where she squeezed my life out ... i mean, my blackheads out from all over my face. excruciating moment#2: where she TALKED to me! gimme a break, lady! i wanna relax not talk to you! no, didn't say that, too. i just, nod, and mumbled*

post-facial: "i think you need a glass of hot water," Ms. SSGM said. "Yes, thank you." i replied qqqquiivering. the double mask she applied on my face which lasted forever totally chilled me out. it was excruciating moment #3 ... the mask.

after i had my hot water and came back from the loo, she started her post-facial consultation. i had expected her to sell me something that might cost me an arm and a leg. and i had my mind set that i was there just for the cheap facial (not for the free gift, really). she showed me the before-and-after facial treatment by taking gun-shots of my face and surprise, surprise! it is actually cleaner!! D-oh!

anyways, to cut the long story short, i turned her down and she was extremely disappointed with me saying things like i worked so hard on your face just now (you see, her England is quite terrorful wan). i just told her the often-used reply, "let me think about it." and i continued, "i don't need the free gift actually. i need to go already cos i've got dinner." and, promptly fumbled with my mobile phone texting to nobody.

see, i went to the salon as an opportunist with a clear mind that i will not be taken advantage of by their marketing strategies (fyi, all beauty salon sama-sama strategy - give you promo price for facial then sell u absolutely unimaginably expensive treatment!). so, im an opportunist's opportunist. do i make sense?

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