Thursday, August 24, 2006


i am watching the lastest episode of rockstar:supernova. i said to myself i had to blog this.

i had previously posted that i did not like the show as much as the first one, that is, rockstar: inxs. but, i'd also said that i will still watch it although not as religiously as going to the gym.

gym aside, rockstar: supernova is rocking so hard it kinda make season one like american idol...kinda. american idol is an entirely different ball game altogether. the singers are much better now...definitely in their elements. and very desperate too. the latest episode you get to see toby rand naked. no, not like a couple of weeks back during songs selection that he was asked to do to have the song he wanted. for the uninitiated, he ran butt naked around the pool. cute funny dude. anywho, he went topless. and, ryan star. ryan star. i know he has got potential from the beginning but i hate that he is so kiss-ass. like, trying really hard to kiss ass. i.e. dave navarro mentioned that at the end of the show, he'd like to see one of the singers break something - that was right after judging magni. ryan did just that in the follow up performance. of cos, magni was damn 'tulan'.

nonetheless, he totally rocked the house. best performance ever.

i am quite certain a guy will win ... is it ryan star? magni? toby? i hope to see ryan taking the role as the lead singer for supernova as much as i like magni to win.

like i said before i can be crazy /bias.

since we are at this, check out the website, .... coolest website i've come across after a long long time.

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