Saturday, August 12, 2006

faster kill pussycat!

i am so tired!

yes, that is a disclaimer for this post that some of you might find it 'disturbing'. or, on the contrary, agree with me one hundred fucking percent. whichever side ur on, lemme warn you that you might suffer indignity & dizziness after reading it.

hahaha.... i think i am officially 'gila' already. the cause? 3 hrs sleep last nite. urgh...

i just simply do not understand how a person could be so ignorant, selfish & insolent. i am talking about a staff of mine who has gone AWOL for two days (incl. today) already. no telephone calls whatsoever. it is hardly a surprise to everyone in the co. including my boss with regard to his absenteeism. prep talk, we've done. wage deductions, we've done (multiple times). warning, well, we have not. this time, we definitely will. we deduced that people should be given chances. but enough is enough. fyi, his mother called the office just minutes ago asking for his whereabouts.

that is preposterous.

so these are some of the questions i'd like to ask or want answers. can a person be so ignorant & selfish? can he/she not understand what is word of honour? is it so difficult to call or sms? even after you have said that you would do it? do they even understand what is the meaning of integrity?

just so you know, it is not uncommon for people to basically not 'come back to you' even after they have said it. it is like, as if the phrase, 'let me get back to you' is 'don't bother about me'. you might think it is trivial but it is your word of honour and eventually your integrity that is at stake. it is really baffling cos this is what we also known as courtesy. i guess i can't expect so much, huh?

back to my staff. i hope he is still alive. my boss thinks he is *WH4

*die for pussy

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