Monday, August 14, 2006

the ego has landed

i had a great weekend last week meeting up with frens, catch up and all eventho' i cant exactly say about saturday night.

it was a meeting with a fren. the meeting was awkward at first, and tense during dinner to relax when we departed. i had to say it was a good decision made to have that meeting because it finally dawned on me why i did not want it in the first place and how drama it all ended.

i had learned and discovered a lot of things during our conversation. firstly, about friendship. friendship is a funny thing. amongst close frens, it is a love-hate relationship. don't you agree? we sometimes hate them cos we are too familiar with each other. for instance, when you're invited to some party or get together and you have to turn it down, they will get upset with you. on the other hand, we love them because we know they will be there for you even if we used to hate them. do i talk sense? i guess to continuously love your frens and not hate them so much is to be more tolerant and understanding, and be less critical about them. just take it easy

the other thing that i have learned or, should i say, discovered is that i am an egolomaniac! yes! my fren was so persistent that my ego is so huge, it is as big as a t-rex! ok, i have exaggerated a little bit but you knw what i mean?

let me tell you this. ego is not a bad thing. everyone has ego. when a person proclaims he/she does not have any ego, he/she has very low self-esteem and self-confidence. or, that they'd like you to believe he/she is a good person - not selfish, kind and understand and the sort lah, yknw.

how can no ego? puhlease! i'm fine with my ego, thank you every much. on the contrary, too much of it is like having too much money. you tend to brag about it without even knowing that you are bragging. that is bad.

so, to sum it up, it is not easy to get out of a relationship. you tend to be the bad person, you knw what i mean? as for frens who had been there for me and will continue to be there for me, i am very grateful for that and would like to thank you for all the support. and for frens who turned foes or opt to do so, i wish you all the best in life. no, i mean, wish you have a fucked up life. that's ego talk, yo.

meantime, i had posted pictures of my recent trip to tioman. man, i miss the trip. not ONLY the island, but the ppl i was with. it was so fun.

Funtastic Tioman 07-06 by Ms Sophia Siaw/Vivien Siaw


Anonymous said...

wow~ what an ego. I think you probably have no friends at all.... wonder how your friends take your ego... don't tell me you have a lover, if you do, I really need to salute her.

liza_lisa said...

gosh... ego is one of the worst thing in any thing for that matter. ego can actuallly kill you.. or even offend ppl indirectly and if you are not careful, there you go!

where got such thing as not easy to get out from a relationship one? you are old enought to know that unless you are a small kid, yeah. once your heart is not in it, you will just find faults and get it no matter wat lah.