Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sexy Back

the first time i heard that justin is goin' solo and will be performing on mtv music awards, i was curious. yes, i was curious how'd the curly-fries top dude from that boyband do & how his music will sound like. even jennifer lopez was anticipating to watch JT's performance on that nite when she was interviewed on the red carpet.

2 years now ... he's got a Sexy Back! well, maybe only ms D knows it. anyways, the world has waited far too long follow up to his successful eponymous album, which is sadly titled, Justified. suddenly, it is COOL to listen to Justin Timberlake. Yes, that dude from that boyband! since i am at this, same goes to beyonce & christina aguilera. but i digress.

i love the new single. once again he collaborated with the ingenius Timbaland, and again, this song is a refreshingly good song just like nelly's first single, 'Maneater'. JT's music is mainstream pop, no doubt. but the sound of his first single defies the definition of pop songs that record cos churn out every year (think paris hilton. and in the line up, ms nicole richie. next thing uknw, the olson twins wanna sing too!). and, i think a lot of ppl are not able to accept it at first cos it is different. justin, for a start, doesnt sound like justin. and it is not michael jacksonish. i remembered how tacky it was when he dressed and danced and sounded like michael when he performed 'Like I Love You' on mtv. that was when he was still with ms um, federline.

trailer trash aside, i'm hooked on 'Sexy Back' and although i could not grasp for the life in me what the mtv is all about, i like it. yes, i can be crazy/bias. i cant wait for the album now.

and since i am at it, i've got hold of one of beyonce's 'deja Vu' remixes, Freemasons Club Mix. super! and i think ms fergie's solo career mite turn out to be just as successful as her band, BEP. cos 'London Bridge' is rocking! i lurve my good music.

peace out.

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Oh Sinful One said...

Knock! Knock! Knock!
Please get your music info correct... Xtina is/was never in a group before, and you seriously can't consider her early-career years from Mickey Mouse Club as a group, right???
Oops... forgotten, you've personally mentioned being crazy/bias...