Wednesday, August 9, 2006

discover can travel

Dear 5 Takes TJ hopeful

Congratulations! You've made it through the first round and are just two steps away to becoming a TJ on the new season of Discovery Travel & Living's 5 Takes! To realise your dream, you'll now need to send us a short vlog (video log) telling us more about yourself and why you think you'll make the best 5 Takes TJ. We will also require you to write us a sample blog about a specific travel experience. ..........

From the Discovery Travel & Living Team

"Yippee! Hurray! Woo-hoo!" Was not EXACTLY my reactions upon receiving this letter from them. i was a little ecstatic cos of the thought of being shortlisted. later that night, a fren emailed us to say that he also got shortlisted. that can't be coincidence, right? cos all 3 of us who wrote in got shortlisted! i betcha after they've seen my video audition, they'd think again... hahaha... i remembered a fren telling me that she hates the thought of a camera following her 24/7..."some more i am so ugly" was what i remembered she said ... i kinda felt that way, too. (no, not the ugly part. mind you, she's pretty lookin' and a smart gal, too); hence, my reluctance in doin' the camera audition. ad did his in tioman which turned out pretty cool. i hope he gets it, tho'

SO, anywho...i shall let this sit for a couple of days until i come up with an idea on how to do the audition video *cringe*

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