Thursday, August 31, 2006

Merdeka Sale-bration

last nite was my second time celebrating Merdeka Day after Malaysia has become independent for 49 years. yes, it is true.

the first time was with my best fren a few years back in KLCC. it was very brave of us to go there considering the traffic jam and the massive crowd, which FYI, 70% was foreign workers. quite petrifying. but it was quite fun, too.

ad and i headed to the Curve/Ikano/Ikea/Cineleisure (i think they should just incorporate a name to make it easier for everybody, kan?) last night without much questioning about the lack of car park spaces & the crowd simply because we want to see our very first Malaysian Idol, Jacqueline Victor, or more famously known as Jac, perform.

the road was closed and a stage was erected which was complete with speakers, lightings & huge screens on each side of the stage (and 2 more further up the road - concert standard, i tell ya). at 9ish, the crowd was seemingly relaxed, and most of them were actually shopping cos the event was partly in conjunction of the Merdeka sale; hence, the name 'Merdeka Sale-bration' ...whoopie, how creative!

that said, the event was very well organised. glitches were negligable and the performance was really good including Pop Shuvit. PS was full of energy and it was hard rock! even the host, DJ/VJ Joey G did a pretty good job in keeping us entertained - not easy considering that the crowd made up mostly of teenagers. i reckon the teenagers were there for Nicholas Teo's performance who did at least 5 songs that turned out to be mediocre.

anyways, i've managed to record jac's performance which was really good esp. her winning song, 'Gemilang' although i cannot say much about her get up and how she addressed the crowd...quite 'kampung'. and she totally needs a new stylist.

her first single from her second album, 'Cepat-cepat'.

the night ended with a big bang! literally! there was a 15 minutes of fireworks display and it was spectacular! it was fun night, and absolutely stress free. wait. except for the traffic jam at the exit that lasted at least 45 minutes and this one gal who was throwing a tantrum with her mother outside a restaurant where we were having our dinner. that was unnecessary, childish and FUCKING stupid.

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