Sunday, November 11, 2007

11th & Us

The story began all the way back to three years ago at Pizza Uno,

A young fresh OZ undergrad had mistakenly walked to a lady's car,
(instead of mine)
I gawked inside my car smirking at your foolishness.
And, believe you me it was a classic moment :)
That seems just like yesterday.

Your relentless optimism,
Imbued me with a sense of hope and a drive to do more;
Your selfless personality,
And caring nature never failed to disappoint me;
(in more times than I could imagine)

At the 11th hour on the 11th day of November,
I'm wishing that our lives will continue to grow;
Continue to have more "classic moments",
Continue to have more laughters
And to continue a journey
That you and I could one day be very well proud of.

Happy Birthday, B.

ps: Sorry its slightly way past 12am now. But tomorrow we can start baking! Yay! Oh my lousy attempt to be erm, poetic :P


savante said...

That is so romantic. Seriously hope you meant ad though :P

ethn said...

aww, tks. seriously hope ur genuine on the "romantic" part tho'


but there is no other.