Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Truly, madly, Fitness

I have been a very loyal gym member with a local gym club for, 4 years now? Never had I thought of switching club when all the other new gym clubs opened its doors all over Klang Valley like mushrooms after the rain. There are the Yoga fitness centre, the Gold Club, the California club, the Disco club ... oops, I mean, celebrity club and yeah, you get the drift.

Basically, when a new club opened its door to the public, they’d screamed ‘bigger space’, ‘better facilities’ and ‘much more studios to accommodate the "usually crowded small gym" all across Klang Valley.’

I didn't buy it. Tho' I must admit I was a little curious. Still, I did not attempt to get a free pass to check out other gyms cos I simply like my fitness first in my regular gym. Besides, I like that I get to visit all the clubs all over Klang Valley whenever and whichever I like – but, seriously, I only patronize the PJ outlets J

So, I switched job 2 months ago and yes, near where I work, they are opening another larger than life gym. Of course, I am tempted by the convenience which prompted me to take the free pass and checked out the PJ outlet 2 days back. A young, fresh face “Fitness Consultant” came quickly and attended to me.

FC: Hi! I am Vince. How are you ah today? (in Cantonese)

Me: I am good. Thank you.

FC: So you want to try out our gym. You do fitness?

Me: Yes, of course. In fact, I am a member of * club* for 4 years now.

FC: Wow! Really ah? *He nodded profoundly* So, what is your fitness goal ah?

FITNESS GOALS? Gee, that totally caught me off guard. I tried to think of something intelligent and said,

I simply want to work out to stay sane. (It’s true!)

Not at all intelligent cos Mr. Fresh face gave me a puzzle look.

Me: Yes, I am very stressed out at work and I need to work out to have a fresh mind. You know, the whole Body, Mind and Soul thing?

FC: So you want to lose weight?


Me: Yes, I feel like John Travolta in Hair Spray, you know.

FC: Err…. Ok. He totally missed the punchline.

Mr. Fresh face proceeds to ask the usual questions i.e. how often do I go to the gym (3 times at least). Do I want to look fit, tone up etc? (No, I wanna continue to look like John Travolta from Hair Spray).

And he proceeded to show me around the gym where I was mostly checking out the interior design of the place more than I checked out the fitness machines or how massive the place is – FYI, they did not stinge in doing up the place. Good quality stuff ; I was quite impressed.

After the tour, we got to the best part of the club. The “infinity pool” and spa on level 4.

Could I dive into the pool now and swim a few laps. And after that, could you get me a glass of martini. Dry?

Of course, that was just my imagination. I didn’t want to scare Mr. Fresh face off. Besides, he obviously doesn’t have a funny bone in him. So, I just smiled with approval. Later back in level 1, he went to seek for a Personal Instructor to measure my total fat in my body, blood pressure and heart rate.

Total Fat: 24.1%.
Percentage more than 24% is considered, gulp, OBESE! And, I’m fucking OBESE! By 0.1%!!!! NOW, I do feel like John Travolta in Hair Spray :(

Blood Pressure: Normal

Resting Heart Rate: 55

“Wow, you are … very fit! Do you do sports?” asked the PT.

“Nope. Just gym.” I replied smugly.

“Very good lah. Now we can start with our first PT session.

The one hour PT session was OK followed up by another 30 mins chilling out at the “infinity pool” at the “roof top”.

Ah. Now, that was pure joy. I could sit there entire day reading a book, trust me.

I must say at the end of the day, I was very pleased with the service and especially the facilities. I might just switch.

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savante said...

Tell us more about FResh Face. How cute is he/ Give him my number :P