Friday, November 9, 2007

Who wants to be a "Millionaire"?

When was the last time you've played Monopoly? Yesterday? Last week? A decade ago? Ok I am not surprised at all if it was a decade ago.

For me, it was at least 3 - 4 years ago. Then, I was playing the good old fashion Monopoly (boardgame) and if I remember it correctly, it was a Taiwan or Hong Kong version that comes with "monopoly monies". Fully laminated. No, they did not have a limited edition for that, it's just that my good friend, C, laminated all her monopoly monies simply because she is quite anal retentive. In a good way. Seriously cos at that time of our discovery, we were quite quite pleased with what she did cos the "monies" didn't stink nor crumpled up like salted vegetables. There were plenty of editions out there ie Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Hong Kong, Malaysia, to name just a few.

Yesterday, however, I've discovered a brand new (to my knowledge-lah) Monopoly known as the "The Here & Now Edition" (UK edition) that uses "Electronic Banking Machine and Bank Card".

Yes. You've read it. Each player will be given a "Bank Card that has a value of 15,000mil pound." 15,000 friggin' million a much higher stake and of cos, with that value given, the property prices is in the range of 1mil to 3mil pound. There is also an "Eletronic Banking Machine" that automatically reloads your money or um, unload them when you made a purchase.

How cool is that right? Or, am I err, so darn outdated with boardgames that this is nothing new? Sigh.

Anyways, if you're wondering if I actually made a purchase of the said boardgame, I did not. My 8 yo nephew owns it. The kids these days deal with more "eletronic gadgets" than their aunties and uncles. Including me. Oh and just so you know, he gets to chat on MSN, too.

The 9th day of November

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