Friday, November 2, 2007

Duh-nuts Craze

What is UP with Malaysians lately?

I am not talking about the corruption cases nor the murder cases on our local dailies, but the Donuts madness! We read on The Star yesterday that J.Co the brand new Donut Cafe in Pavilion KL is doing super-fine. It is reportedly making 10,000 transactions per day. Ad being the Math genius immediately calculated the amount of money they've made within the first month they have opened - RM3mil?

Ok let's do the Math here. Considering each donut costs RM3.00. The paper reported that each customer that walks in will buy at least half a dozen. If on the average there are 5,000 customers (assuming lah), they'll reap in a gross profit of RM90,000 PER FUCKING DAY. And multiply that to a month?

Who is laughing all the way back to Jakarta, man? I think they make more money than say, Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton next door! Can I have a franchise license please? Ok I am more original than that but these days we want fast money. Why not, right? Maybe we should come up with a much funkier label, interior, branding and service to give them a run for their moolah.

We'll call it JUICY PINK Donuts (ahem, copyrighted, ok. But if you want advice, I have plentiful of ideas *wink*). We'll have hot young men and women all dressed up like Zac Efron and Paris Hilton serving donuts. Whaddaya think? Haha...

Ok. Anyways, their next best competitor, Big Apple Donut & Coffee, opened it's door to the public today in the same mall but alas on Level 6. Well, IF you have been to the Pavilion, Malaysians hardly go all the way up to Level 6 cos they are just too erm, lazy (FYI, so much more will be opening in the next couple of weeks I think Pavilion has got a lot of potentials). Walking is a pain so these guys from BADC decided to come up with something ingenius (or so they think).

Packed half a dozen of donuts in their fancy box and start giving each tenant a box. Good publicity and what way to create awareness. But I reckon they should also cover the customers who are shopping in the mall especially during lunch time. Man the damn entrance and pass it to the customers. Or, open a booth right outside of J.Co!

Hahaha... I'm so evil. Anyways, I shall go enjoy the oh-so-damn-sinful (and jelaking) free donuts. The Marketing Manager wanted me to immediately try the Durian Donut. Yikes.

Fancy one?

2nd day of November
I think by the 3rd day of our meeting, we were already erm, making out? :p

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