Thursday, November 1, 2007

imamamaterial Kid

Did I say I have been shopping for a smart phone? I did right. Brain damage lately. It is down to these two fellas ...

OH CRAP! My apologies. I got distracted by JRM. And, yeah, since I've posted the wrong picture, let's talk about JRM for a bit. Check out the super hot photos on latest Details. Damn! I need to hit the gym more often now.

Oh, yeah. Smart phones.

Yes. These are the two phones from the same manufacturers. I have been checking out P1i at the local phone retailers, read tonnes of reviews online and off the mag stand :P ... I'm quite convinced but the buzz is on the W960i now BECAUSE it is packed with 8G of storage, touch-screen (must got touch-screen mah!) and a lot funkier looking. Maybe I shall wait *squinting*

Whilst browsing for smart phones, I detoured a little bit and checked out JRM and other hot celebrities. Amongst them are this super-hot "new kid" on the choc-a-block digital cameras industry.

Ricoh GR Digital II

I know I know. Ricoh aint your regular Canon and Canon. Or Nikon; but, read what it has to offer and check out the sample images taken from this camera. This baby is bundled with lotsa features I think I can leave my DSLR home when I am traveling. It's so friggin compact and pretty darn good looking, too.

hmmm.....I think I've turned into a full-fledge gadget-whore.


First day of November.
It is like the first day you called me all the way from Australia and we spoke about many things that I could vaguely remember. Pardon my memories. Must be the caffeine that is slowly damaging my brain cells

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