Monday, November 5, 2007

Tea break, machas & an experiment

Whoi macha! Can take my picture?

These guys were so drawn by my camera than taking order from me when I sat down at this restaurant somewhere in PJ (must try the banana leaves rice if u like indian food).

"How much?" the older waiter asked.

"Erm, what how much?"

"That one," he pointed at my camera.

I didn't know how to answer to that question and IF I were to tell him the actual price will I be the next target of one of the murder cases on the newspaper? Then I thought, OK, I will say...

"Five hundred."


They spoke amongst themselves in Tamil. One of them shook his head while another one was seen approaching me.

"Take picture." He demanded.

Sure. I love a model who likes to pose for me.

Whilst waiting for my pull tea, I shot some experimental shots. And then some at home. Need to practice - another excuse for cam-whoring :)

Shot using just my reliable tripod and of cos, D40x

5th day of November
Your favourite.


johnybravo said...

tak ajak, near my house only this mamak! :p

Perky said...

I quite like your pic of the sunglasses. Looks very classy =)

As for me, i'm really bad with taking pics. I'll be happy if the pic turns out clear & not blur! Hehehe..

ethn said...

hi perky

tks for the comment. haha... sometimes blur pics can be quite artsy :)