Saturday, November 3, 2007

O Men Where Art Thou?

I've always love watching Thai ads. Everytime I am at a Sky train station in BKK, I will make sure I'd go immediately to the TV screen to check out what is new. Too bad I don't visit BKK so often now.

Now thanks to BKK Mindscape, I get to watch a super hilarious ad for a squid snack known as TARO. I used to love this shits back in high school catching the matinee at the stand-alone cinema in Paramount or Cathay KL. Even kuacis. Damn shiok.

Check out the video here

There is, of cos, a gentleman narrating the ad at the background in Thai. If you want a full translation, log on to

Sigh. I miss BKK. I'm definitely visiting sometime next yr before CNY. kab ;)

3rd day of November
Whilst ur busy treasure hunting today, I think I've found mind some 3 yrs ago :)

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Will said...

heh heh I <3 BKK Skytrain ads. We don't have ads in our mass transit...too bad, we could have fun with that.