Friday, November 23, 2007


Of cos I was not in The Amazing Race Asia season 2 (TARA2). Hmmph... a little peeved cos we were not called up for audition; but, we will apply again for season 3. Anyways, we did not stop ourselves from watching season 2 simply because there are a few good looking teams from the Philipines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia - yeah, we love the Chong's sisters! ( Vince Chong's biological sisters, I heard - correct me if I'm wrong). How not to love when they chowed down all 8 of the disgusting embryo duck eggs within minutes in Philipines that I heard it is pretty darn nasty. Urgh...

I also like the Thai girls as well and no, erase all the visuals you'd just have of the Thai masseurs in Thailand or the go-go girls dancing on the polls. These two speaks well, fun and quite hot. So this season will be pretty exciting to say the least esp. when we have a ahem, a "gym buddy" couple from Singapore.

The Fall season over in the US of A introduced to us a lot of new tv series some of which took off pretty well especially The Gossip Girls - hot casts, too, I tell ya. I have picked up the show, Pushing Daisies, instead. The pilot, Pie Hole, is so ... quirky. I'm liking it a lot. Cute casts (hehehe), I like Ned's (Lee Pace) "super-cute-power" and how the whole show is kinda like Edward Scissorhands meet The Adam's Family. Very addictive and it leaves a quirky warm feelings.

Want some Strawberries pie?

Of course, there is your regular Grey's Anatomy (so-so), Ugly Betty (sooo darn funny after the aw-so-darn-cheesy episode one), ANTM 9 (they're going to Shanghai yo!), and of cos, Project Runway 4! Finally!

Plenty of gay guys, lots of dramas I foresee and the competition will be very stiff especially since most of the contestants have very strong background in fashion. This is going to be one damn good season, I'd say. Haven't got a fav just yet; maybe, the kooky yoga-loving Elisa (I'm not sure how long she can stay but she is pretty good at what she does just that she has to not try so hard).

Stay tune.

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savante said...

Hey hey don't diss Grey's.

Nothing too spectacular this fall season, right? I can't find anything new to watch!