Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pose, pose, poser

Everytime I'm given a new project or assignment, I will get all excited and nervous. New project means new challenges which means more stress - that, rather strangely, I'd usually get a kick out of it (to a certain extent).

So when a friend approached me to do a photo shoot for him, I was like, "YAY! Finally a volunteer but on the other hand I went like..."

The thing is I’m not even good at portrait, yet; But since it is an experimental, I think I will go ahead and do something whacky. Or, something like what Hedi Slimane did.

Ironically, I did a photo shoot of myself just yesterday; involuntarily. The photograhers were very professional complete with honey-combs and "umbrellas" and of course, his ever so reliable cameras and Mac Book Pro. For that 15 minutes, I felt like a "star" but it wasn't easy. I wish I was behind the camera giving instructions, instead. Hehehe... We'll see if I get to keep some of the pics.

Meantime, I will have to pay a visit at my fav. 2nd hand or rather out-dated magazine stores in Amcorp Mall pretty soon.


savante said...

Whoa. From those angles, even I could look vaguely human!

ethn said...

so, u wanna join us?


havent determined the location tho' :P